About Dale Lehner

I am asking you to take a step forward and help America in 2012. Our country has lost its way and you can help return it to its rightful path. A vote for me will help me to do more but if you don’t vote for me then vote for anybody except a Republican or a Democrat.

If you choose not to vote because you don’t like either the Republican or Democrat candidate and you stay home then both parties rejoice. The more people that stay home, the less risk there is that a Republican or Democrat candidate will lose. The more people that vote, but choose not to vote Republican or Democrat, the more afraid the parties are that you will vote for their opponent next time. That is your source of power, the right to vote for whomever you please.

Use your power, vote independently in 2012 for perhaps the first time in your life.  Exercise your freedom and vote for me or vote for any independent candidate out there. It’s your right, your duty, and your freedom to choose that is needed at this time.

Dale Lehner


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