Issues and Positions

1. America’s government needs reform if we are to retain our excellence and exceptionalism. I favor changes to the Constitution to reflect the size of our country, the development of a National Treasury, the protection of our individual rights, the joint sovereignty of the States, and the reduction of federal laws related to the people.

2.  Corporations are not people and I would seek legislation that defines corporate rights and responsibilities as a legal fictional entity to separate it from personhood.

3. I believe that the word “infringed” was placed in the second Amendment for a reason and that the right to bear arms is being infringed upon today. I would seek changes in all federal laws to recognize that properly trained, reasonable, and responsible citizens can bear arms across state lines, across city boundaries, and across America.

3.  There are tasks and responsibilities that only big companies working with big government can perform. I support a government large enough to make big companies tow the line and I support companies big enough to compete around the world.

4. I support American citizenship and the right of the USA to control its borders. If there are illegals caught in America, I support their return to their country of origin. There are reasons to become Americans and I support laws that value American citizenship over illegal residents. I support illegals that wish to obtain citizenship, that are employed, and that have been good citizens in all other aspects.  I support sending illegal criminals to foreign countries to serve their time and be released.

5.  I do not favor abortion but I reject any effort toward legislative action until there are 50% women in Congress.  Men with the force of law do not have the right to legislate towards women citizens on what to do if/when life is created.  I reject any federal funding of abortion but support federal funding for education programs for life affirmation and responsible birth control.

6. I support modifying the 17th Amendment to restore State government representation in the Senate. I favor increasing the House proportionally with population growth.



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